Adam Holzman
Director of Information Technology
920-324-9322 Ext. 2251

Devin Mahuta
Computer/Network Technician
920-324-9322 Ext. 2222

Amanda Pattee
Computer/Network Technician
920-324-5591 Ext. 2920


Mission Statement

The mission of the School District of Waupun is to empower learning though equitable access to technological tools that support and enhance integrated curricular objectives ad educational processes, so that students are prepared to be independent lifelong learners in a rapidly changing technological society.

Vision Statements

  1. Technology use will be integrated into the curriculum to offer students expanded ways of learning to access, produce, communicate, and evaluate information, as well as develop problem-solving, critical, and creative thinking skills.

  2. The District will provide equal access to instructional technology for all students and staff.

  3. District facilities will be designed to function as globally connected learning centers where students have full access to a variety of opportunities for learning.

  4. Staff members will be capable of using and instructing students in the use of technology.

  5. Students and staff will recognize the capabilities and limitations of technology, as well as legal and ethical implications of technology use.

  6. The District will be capable of delivering student support via technologically-based systems.

  7. The District will maintain a technology level that can meet the evolving needs of students, and is flexible enough to change technology as products evolve to challenge students at a high level.

  8. Families, schools, and communities will understand, support, and appreciate the role of technology in education and will work as partners in the process of teaching students.

  9. District personnel will utilize current technology to enhance the instructional program for students.