• Jennie Patrykus - Chair

  • Lori Van Buren

Personnel& Finance

  • Milan Vande Zande - Chair

  • Karly Yuds

Policy & Curriculum

  • Stephen Chené - Chair

  • Jodi Schultz

  • Milan Vande Zande

Steve Hill picture

Steve Hill
District Administrator
Education Service Center
920.324.9341. Ext. 2102

Trisha Visser

Trisha Visser
Asst. to the D.A. & Board of Education
Education Service Center
920.324.9341. Ext. 2103

Education Service Center
950 Wilcox Street
Waupun, WI 53963

Welcome to the Waupun Area School District where our goal is to foster an educational environment in which student achievement is at the forefront. High expectations and a focus on professional learning among our staff ensure high levels of learning for all students.

OUR VISION - A catalyst for innovation resulting in student success.

OUR MISSION - Acting together to maximize every student's potential.

Our Collective Commitments to You - We will…

  • provide a safe, positive, and accepting learning environment;

  • collaborate with students, families, and communities to improve learning for your child;

  • take collective responsibility for helping all students learn at high levels;

  • never stop learning, collaborating, and improving as a staff;

  • ensure our schools are a vital part of our communities and vice versa.

Board of Education Members

Photo of Bill Bruins.

Bill Bruins
Board of Education President
1st Elected: 2010
Term Expires: 2022 
Represents the towns of Alto and Trenton

Photo of Milan Vande Zande.

Milan Vande Zande
Board of Education Vice President
1st Elected: 2016
Term Expires: 2022
Represents Towns of Burnett, Chester, Oakfield, Springvale, and Waupun

Photo of Jennie Patrykus.

Jennie Patrykus
Board of Education Clerk
1st Elected: 2014
Term Expires: 2023
Represents City of Waupun

Photo of Lori Van Buren.

Lori Van Buren
Board of Education Treasurer
1st Elected: 2019
Term Expires: 2022 
Represents City of Waupun

Photo of Stephen Chené.

Stephen Chené
Board of Education Member
1st Elected: 2020
Term Expires: 2023
Represents City of Waupun

Jodi Schultz

Jodi Schultz
Board of Education Member
1st Elected: 2021
Term Expires: 2024
Represents the city of Fox Lake, the towns of Fox Lake, and Westford


Karly Yuds
Board of Education Member
1st Elected: 2021
Term Expires: 2024
Represents At-Large