Wisconsin's Informational Guidebook on Dyslexia and Related Conditions

From The Department of Public Instruction:

Per Act 86, the informational guidebook discusses screening, instruction and intervention, and resources that can support improved learning for school-aged individuals with characteristics of dyslexia. The audience for the information is broad and includes--but is not limited to--parents and families, educators, interventionists or reading teachers, and educational leaders.

The advisory committee and DPI believe that school/district teams - including family and community members - can use the guidebook as a tool for having conversations about how to continually improve a local equitable multi-level system of support to best meet the needs of all readers who struggle, including learners with characteristics of dyslexia.

Informational Guidebook on Dyslexia and Related Conditions

Wisconsin 2019 Act 86 (Act 86) requires the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to collaborate with an advisory committee comprised of individuals representing the Wisconsin Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (WIBIDA) and the Wisconsin State Reading Association (WSRA) to create an informational guidebook about dyslexia and related conditions. As required by Act 86, the guidebook will contain:

  • Screening processes and tools available to identify dyslexia and related conditions

  • Interventions and instructional strategies that have been shown to improve academic performance of pupils with dyslexia and related conditions

  • Resources and services related to dyslexia and related conditions

The informational guidebook is shared on DPI’s website and must be linked to by each Wisconsin school district (by December 1, 2021). 

Act 86 requires the informational guidebook be updated every three years.