Please take a minute to re-read our school district's negative balance policy in place

This policy will be followed at all times.

The Waupun Area School District Food Service Account Balance Policy states that any account that is GREATER THAN $-10.00 NEGATIVE will be subject to the following:

  1. Jr/Sr High Students accounts will become inactive until payment is made to the account to return the balance to a positive amount.

  2. Elementary Students accounts- parents will receive a personal phone call and a letter home in the mail notifying you that your child will receive a substitute meal at lunch for a period of 5 Days and he/she WILL NOT be able to take breakfast or purchase extra milk until payment is made to the account. After the 5 days if payment is still not made to the account, the account will become inactive until payment is made.

Ala Carte Purchases- Ala carte is defined as any item NOT part of a regular reimbursable meal. If your child's account balance does not cover the price of the item being purchased, he/she will NOT be able to purchase this item.

NO EXCEPTIONS. (Ala carte is available for all students grades 5-12).

If your child qualifies for FREE MEALS he/she will never be denied a reimbursable meal, regardless of the balance on the account. But we do, however encourage you to contact us to set up payment arrangements.