In the event of a school closure, the Waupun Area School District may provide continued learning opportunities for students though digital communication.  More information on protocols and guidelines for such an event may be found below.

If you need assistance or would like more information on student Chromebooks, please use this link.

Student & Family Information:  Digital Learning Protocols In The Event of A Closure

Digital Learning

The goal of digital learning is to communicate quality learning experiences for students through digital means. This will provide a continuity of learning to support our students and families.

What Lessons Should Students Complete?


  • Students at the elementary level will receive the following lessons through digital means:

  • ELA lesson

  • Mathematics lesson

  • Science lesson (1-2 times per week)

  • Social Studies lesson (1-2 times per week)

  • PE lesson (3 times per week)

  • Music lesson (1 time per week)

  • Art lesson (1 time per week)

  • Students will not receive more than 4 lessons per day.


  • Students at the secondary level will receive a lesson for each class that would normally have been in session if we were able to provide face-to-face instruction.

Instructional Activities Guideline

  • Students in grades 4K-2: 1-2 hours of instructional activities.

  • Students in grades 3-5: 2-3 hours of instructional activities.

  • Students in grades 6-12: 3-5 hours of instructional activities.

  • Outside of the provided activities, students are encouraged to access their teachers for assistance as needed, be active, read, and complete other healthy learning activities.

Expectations of Learning & Instruction

  • Students/Families will check their email and their teacher’s method of communicating lessons (Google Classroom, Seesaw, or other communication device regularly utilized in the classroom) each morning.

  • Teachers will post their lesson for the day by the beginning of the school’s normal start time. In the event we do not know of a closure in advance (inclement weather), activities will be posted by 9:00 AM.

  • Students will complete the learning activities posted for each class/lesson by the due date.

    • Students do not need to complete the work in the normal school day hours. They would have until 11:59 PM on the day the activity is due.

  • Educators will provide students and/or families with their office hours for the day and how to communicate with them during those office hours.

Student Attendance

  • Students who do not access/complete the assigned activities, or demonstrate participation in learning on the day of instruction or the due date for the activity may be marked absent. Our schools will work with families to be as supportive and understanding as possible.

  • In the event a student does not meet expectations, they would be allowed to make up the learning just as they would an absence on a normal school day.

  • Students who are ill or otherwise unable to complete their online instruction would call in to the school attendance secretary as though we were in face-to-face session. Any absences are subject to district and state attendance procedures.

Special Education & English Language Learners

  • Our team of educators will work to provide support throughout a closure. Please reach out to your student’s teacher(s) for more information and you can expect communication from them as well.

Access To Digital Means

  • Our educators will create lessons that may be done online. However, educators will also make efforts to provide activities that can be done without internet access. Print copies will also be made available if possible.