State Assessment System

Waupun Area School District participates in the Wisconsin State Assessment System. Information from the Wisconsin DPI on this system can be found at

The Wisconsin State Assessments include:

  • Early Literacy Screeners

    • Waupun is able to choose a screener to utilize.  We use PALS in 4K, Early Literacy Screener for grades K-3rd, and  i-Ready Reading Diagnostic for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

  • ACCESS for ELLs

  • Wisconsin Forward Exam

  • NAEP (for selected schools only -- Rock River Intermediate Grade 4 was selected for the 2022 spring assessment)

  • PreACT for grades 9 and 10

  • ACT w/ Writing for grade 11

  • Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM)

Resources pertaining to the Wisconsin State Assessments:

In addition to the state assessment system, we use other tools to identify student needs and needed adjustments to our teaching or curriculum. This is done on a regular basis throughout the school year using assessment partners, such as i-Ready Diagnostic, and classroom level assessment information.

Local Assessments

The Waupun Area School District administers additional assessments throughout the school year to inform and adjust our instruction and provide our students with additional supports as needed.

Our local assessments include:

  • Early Literacy Screener

  • Early Numeracy Screener Assessment

  • iReady Diagnostic Reading and Mathematics (universal screener: see below)

  • iReady Growth Monitoring Reading and Mathematics as needed

  • iReady Standards Mastery Reading and Mathematics as needed

Universal Screener

Students in Kindergarten Through 8th Grade participate in a screening assessment three times over the course of each year.  This screener is used as one element in informing us of students needs.  We also use this information as an element in informing our instruction and curriculum adjustments.

The screener we utilize is i-Ready Diagnostic.  There is a an i-Ready Family Center that can provide you with information regarding this resource.  You can also access i-Ready Diagnostic reports for your student by contacting your student's teacher or school office.

Local & State Assessment Information

Wisconsin Civics Assessment is a Wisconsin graduation requirement. Students (starting with the class of 2017) must pass the assessment with a 64% by graduation.