The Waupun Area School District Goals for 2020 include quality teaching and learning outcomes for all students. WASD will expect continual growth of all students by meeting their academic, social, and emotional learning needs. Staff will develop strong relationships through meeting individual student needs to provide the best opportunity to learn. 



  • Everyone is having fun.

  • No one is getting hurt.

  • Everyone is participating equally.


  • No one is having fun.

  • A solution can usually be found.

  • Two people with a balance of power that have a fight, argument, or disagreement.

Mean Moment

  • Someone is being mean on purpose.

  • It's a strong reaction to a strong reaction or feeling.

  • It happens once and doesn't happen again.


  • Someone is being hurt on purpose.

  • It happens on a regular basis.

  • Can be social, verbal, physical or cyber.

  • Victim asks bully to stop.

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