Warrior in Training


Every baby born in the Waupun Area School District is being welcomed as a “Warrior in Training,” thanks to a new idea from members of the district’s Communications Committee.

A gift bag is being provided to newborns by the district, including a “Warrior in Training” onesie, and a book to be read to each child as part of lifelong learning – an educational goal actively promoted by the district.

“The Communications Committee includes Superintendent Steven Hill and representatives from the high school and the elementary schools,” said Career and Technical Education/Communications Director Doug Disch. “We often brainstorm ideas on how to connect with the community, and this was something we decided we really wanted to do. The administration was eager to see it happen, so they were willing to help as well.”

He said, “We were just trying to come up with a way to welcome new children to the Waupun Area School District, and also to showcase the work created by our students.”

COVID-19 put the idea on hold. It was only recently that plans could move forward as classes became more regular and in-person schooling became more routine.

Tech Ed students came up of the onesie, emblazoned with the school mascot and the words, “Warrior in Training.” The students suggested the label, which Disch agrees is quite clever.

“Students in the Warrior Innovation Center really enjoyed designing and creating the onesies for the future Warriors,” said Dawn Disch, Doug’s wife and fellow teacher in the Warrior Innovation Center. “It’s positive and it’s fun, and the students are enthusiastic about being part of it.”

A book with animals and textures is included to promote early reading and to help babies develop eye-hand coordination. Pages include textured animal images so a baby can connect sensations with the world around them.