Work Permits for Minors

The Waupun Area Jr/Sr High School office will no longer be handling work permits for minors. Everything can now be processed and paid for online with the DWD (Department of Workforce Development) website. Please read the following article for more information: DWD Announces Work Permits for Minors Now Online

Directions for obtaining a work permit:

Parents and guardians may obtain a work permit by following the instructions below. Note that parents and guardians are required to pay the work permit application fee at the time of purchase. After the payment has processed, the parent or guardian will receive an email confirmation and the permit will be printed and mailed directly to the employer.    


  1. Create a DWD ID

    • If you already have a DWD ID, you do not need to create a new ID.

  2. Enter Information about the minor applying for the work permit and their:

    • Employer

    • Job

    • School

  3. Pay for minor's work permit. We accept:

    • Credit or debit (not currently available on Apple devices)

    • Checking or savings account

Do you have DWD ID and know how to create a permit?

Yes - login to create a work permit

No - help me create a work permit