Science Day:  4th graders became de facto students at U.W. Madison for a day on meteorology,  skeletal and muscular system and rocketry in Waupun.

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Welcome to the Waupun Area School District

Our goal is to foster an educational environment in which student achievement is at the forefront.  High expectations and a focus on professional learning among our staff ensure high levels of learning for all students.
WASD Board of Education                                 
Front Row: Roger Schregardus, Vice-President; Bill Bruins, President; Ron Paul, Treasurer; Kathy Schlieve, Clerk      
Back Row: Dylan Weber, Glen Wilson and Jennie Patrykus, Board Members


Upcoming Events

June 29 - Monday
1st Session Summer School
June 30 - Tuesday
1st Session Summer School
July 1 - Wednesday
1st Session Summer School
06:00 PM - Board of Education - Special Meeting
July 2 - Thursday
1st Session Summer School
July 3 - Friday