What is the estimated project timeline?

If approved on November 8, 2016, planning meetings with staff will begin immediately to support the architectural design process. Once construction documents are finalized and project components are competitively bid, the proposed projects will be completed in phases starting in 2017 and ending in 2019.

Is a new football field included in the proposed projects?

No, The varsity football field will remain at Veteran's Memorial Field, located at Rock River Intermediate School. The District and City of Waupun will work with the Soccer Association to develop youth soccer fields.

Is a new auditorium included?

No. After the community survey showed only moderate support for constructing a new auditorium at the Junior/Senior High School, the FAC recommended it not be included in the proposed plan at this time.

What is included in the total referendum cost of $36 million?

The total project cost is $36M and cannot, by state law, exceed that amount if approved by voters. Costs include all renovations, construction, energy efficiency upgrades, building system replacements and repairs, site work, furnishings, fixtures and equipment, professional services fees, and required permits for all the identified projects at each of our four schools.

How can there be no tax increase above the current level if the proposed project costs $36M?

A comprehensive Facilities Study Report was completed by Eppstein Uhen Architects and its team of consultants last summer. The review identified a list of building infrastructure needs District-wide including roofs, windows, doors, lighting, plumbing, and heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. While the Waupun Area Schools have been well maintained, many of the schools’ major systems have exceeded their useful life, resulting in inefficiencies and ongoing costly maintenance and repairs. To read the entire Facility Study Report click here

Why can't these projects be completed out of the regular operating budget?

Addressing the highest priority facility needs in a capital referendum allows the District to make needed repairs immediately while paying the cost of these long-term projects over 20 years. Although our buildings are well take care of, the annual maintenance budget has been reduced as a result of statewide budget cuts to less than $200,000 per year. This drastically effects the district’s ability to reinvest in school facilities as they continue to age.

What happens if the referendum is not approved?

The District has a responsibility to provide safe, warm, dry and accessible schools to all students, staff and community members. If voters do not support the referendum on November 8, the school district will still need to address aging and outdated facilities, which will only become more expensive as construction cost naturally rise due to inflation. The School Board would likely return to the community for additional feedback and begin planning to return to voters again in the future.

What is the facility history for SAGES in Fox Lake?

The building was originally built in 1949 to serve as a K-12 school for the Fox Lake area. Additions were constructed in 1963. Over the years, the building’s use has changed, today serving as the School for Agricultural and Environmental Studies (SAGES), a charter school for students in 4K through eighth grade. To review the complete Waupun Area School District facilities timeline, click here.

What is the facility history for Meadow View Primary School?

Originally constructed in 1957 as Jefferson School, additions and renovations to the building were completed in 1963, 1986 and 1998. Today the school serves students in 4K through first grade. To review the complete Waupun Area School District facilities timeline, click here.

What is the facility history for Rock River Intermediate School?

Rock River Intermediate School was originally built in 1963 to serve as a high school for grades 9-12 throughout the Waupun area. In 1999, the building was remodeled to become Waupun Middle School for grades 6-8. In 2009, the school was remodeled again to become Rock River Intermediate School and today serves students in second through sixth grade. To review the complete Waupun Area School District facilities timeline, click here.

Why are adaptable and flexible learning spaces so important today?

Creating learning environments that are adaptable, flexible and will help facilitate college and career-readiness as well as “challenge minds”, aligns with one of the Waupun Area School District’s top strategic planning initiatives for 2013-2016. Providing the appropriate spaces to support our district’s unique programs designed to advance agriculture, business, manufacturing, human services and technology is central to the proposed facilities plan on the ballot Tuesday, November 8, 2016.