The district maintains 48 acres of recreational property called Dearholt Outdoor Laboratory. The land’s primary use is for the environmental/agricultural education of the students of the Waupun Area School District.

The school recreational property shall be maintained in such a way as to demonstrate good forest and land management. A forest management plan, developed in cooperation with the DNR, shall be kept current and board approved. Modifications to the property in relation to the shelter, trails, and foliage should be consistent with the Forest Management Plan and be approved by the Waupun Area School District Board of Education. 

Community use of the Dearholt Outdoor Laboratory shall be encouraged as long as it does not interfere with school-related functions or the use of the property for school purposes. Community members wanting to use the property shall submit a Dearholt Outdoor Laboratory permit form. Youth using the recreational property must be supervised by an adult. 

Tobacco and use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted. Rules and regulations of the Waupun Area School District apply on the Dearholt property. 

Campfires shall be restricted to the fire pit by the shelter. During the Town of Fox Lake or DNR burn bans, no burning shall be allowed. 

The use of motorized recreational vehicles, such as ATV’s, on the Dearholt property shall be allowed by permit only (833-Exhibit(3)).  Snowmobiles shall be allowed on the registered snowmobile trail parallel to highway F and do not need a permit. Users shall abide by the Wisconsin snowmobile laws. 

Hunting, with the exception of gun deer hunting, shall be allowed with written permission from the district administrator or designee. Individuals shall abide by all state and federal laws while hunting on school forest property including, without limitation, laws applicable to firearms and hunting. Hunting shall not be allowed on the days students or rental groups are on the property. No more than two hunters shall be allowed on the property with the exception of mentor hunting. (See 833-Exhibit(1) Dearholt Outdoor Laboratory Hunting Permit) 

APPROVED: October 1, 2012