Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion

Signs observed by parents, friends,
teachers or coaches
Symptoms reported
by student/athlete
Appears dazed or stunnedHeadache
Is confused about what to doNausea
Forgets playsBalance problems or dizziness
Is unsure of game, score, or opponent Double or fuzzy vision
Moves clumsilySensitivity to light or noise
Answers questions slowlyFeeling sluggish
Loses consciousnessFeeling foggy or groggy
Shows behavior or personality changes Concentration or memory problems
Can’t recall events prior to/after hit/injuryConfusion
Trouble sleeping

The WIAA rule: A student who displays symptoms of concussion and/or is rendered unconscious may not return to practice or competition during the same day. The student may not return to practice or competition until approved in writing by an appropriate health care professional.

"When in doubt sit them out."
Better to miss one game than a whole season