Little Caesars Fundraiser forms are due to Rock River tomorrow, January 22nd! Delivery for this rundraiser has not yet been set. We'll let you know as soon as we have that information.
1 day ago, RRIS
Doug Disch
The Psych 102 class took a field trip to visit the 1st grade classes at MVP to apply Development concepts and work with the students.
2 days ago, Doug Disch
Steven Hill
Your January 17, 2020, Warrior Words is available. Click the link: https://pubsecure.lucidpress.com/4622aba3-97ca-4684-b7a3-344b5edcf278/
5 days ago, Steven Hill
Steven Hill
Your January 10, 2020, Warrior Words is available for viewing. Click the link to see the wonderful activities our students are participating in. Link: https://pubsecure.lucidpress.com/645453ec-6d09-4552-abda-cbeb8a6c3f4a/
12 days ago, Steven Hill
Erin Siedschlag
Junior High will be hosting a dance on February 13th for all Junior High students! The dance will run from 3:15-5:15, and students will be able to use their PRIDE Tokens to pay for the entrance fee and concessions.
14 days ago, Erin Siedschlag