1949 Newspaper Article  Sent to Ag Dept.

"Today, I received the most amazing mail! It was a letter and copy of a newspaper article from John Williamson!

In his letter, he thanked the FFA members for all of the cards and gifts that they have shared with residents of the Christian Home, Assisted Living, and Marvin's Manor. He stated how proud he was of our members and the community service they continue to do. 

John was a member of the Waupun FFA and was the chapter's FIRST RECIPIENT OF THE STATE FFA DEGREE! He shared a copy of the article from June 2, 1949, announcing John as the first Waupun FFA member to earn the honor. The article shares that thirty-six Waupun boys (girls were not allowed membership in the FFA until 1969) attended the convention. The list of gentlemen who attended reads like a Who's Who of Waupun.

Thank you so much John, for sharing this with me and our members! The rich history of the Waupun FFA had an amazing start with you as the first State FFA Degree recipient and has set the bar high for our current members!

The legacy established in our chapter is one of hard work, dedication, and amazing individuals!!"

-Tari Costello, WAHS Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor