What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is an intensive, one-on-one, short-term intervention for first grade students. It is designed for students who are not learning to read and write as quickly as their peers. Children in Reading Recovery receive a daily 30-minute lesson from a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher (Mrs. Carolyn Huenink) for 12-20 weeks. Reading Recovery is provided to students, in addition to regular classroom instruction, during the school day. Instruction is customized; it is based on your child’s prior knowledge, strengths, interests, and areas needing improvement.

What does Reading Recovery look like?

Child reads familiar books

  • to build fluency
  • to build confidence -to promote independence 

Child reads a story that was read once during the previous lesson

  • to allow the teacher to observe strengths and confusions
  • to help the teacher observe progress and plan instruction 

Child engages in letter and word work

  • to build automatic recognition of letters and words
  • to understand how words work -to link reading and writing 

Child writes a sentence or short story

  • to link spoken sounds to letters within words
  • to understand how reading compliments writing and vice versa
  • to develop good writing habits

Child reads a new book

  • to apply new learnings from the day’s lesson in a new text
  • to build independent problem-solving skills
  • to understand that reading is thinking