The following website is being included for your benefit. It is there to give you tips and pointers on how to complete a scholarship application correctly, where to look for scholarships, etc.


Scholarship listings are posted in the counseling office; Also available are information and applications if needed - most are now downloadable forms on websites. 

Recommendation Worksheet- a helpful resource to help with reference letters.

Scholarships Currently Available/Due Date


The Horatio Alger Scholarship - Must plan to enter college, show financial need, have minimum GPA of 2.0. Due October 25, 2018 - See website for details

AES Engineers - open to any student, regardless of their field of study. Due October 6, 2018. Details found on the website: http://www.aesengineers.com/scholarships.htm


Wisconsin School Counselors Assn - WISCA - Open to any high school senior. Due November 1st. Details and application

Herb Kohl Student Excellence Scholarship - Applicants must be graduating high school students who intend to enroll in a postsecondary institution, which may be a public or nonpublic university, college, or vocational/technical college. Students who are residents of the State of Wisconsin are in good standing, and who demonstrate probable success in postsecondary education are eligible to apply. This is a competitive scholarship. All materials must be submitted by November 4, 2018.  Details and application.

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) - Good Citizens Scholarship Contest. Seniors interested in applying please see Mrs. Burk in the counseling office for an application.  Part 1 - application due November 6th.  Part 2 - Supervised essay to be completed by November 16th.  

Elks National Foundation Scholarships (MVS-Most Valuable Student Scholarship)- open to any senior planning on attending post secondary school.  Due by November 15, 2018.  Online application and directions.

WTS -(Young Women Interested in Transportation) - many available.  Check Website for details.  Due November 30th.


NHS Scholarship Program - Must be a member of the NHS and a senior in high school. Due December 7, 2018.  Details found on website.

Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin - Scholarships available to high school seniors who plan to study engineering.  Information about scholarships and applications can be downloaded for the WSPE website.   Due December 17, 2018

AXA Achievement Scholarships - Open to high school seniors who plan to enroll full-time in an accredited two-year or four-year college. Deadline: December 14, 2018.  Details and application.

Burger King Scholars Program - To be eligible student must be high school senior or home school student. Graduates from high school within the last three years also eligible.  Deadline: December 15, 2018.  Details and application.


The Foundation of Wisconsin Automobile & Truck Dealers Association:  Available to high school seniors and current technical college students in their first year of the two-year program. Must be enrolling in one the following technician programs: Automotive, Diesel, Auto Collision or Motorcycle. Due January 15, 2019.  Details and  online application.


WEAC - Only high school seniors are eligible to apply, and only if a parent qualifies in one of these membership categories: an active WEAC member, an active retired member, or a parent who died while holding a WEAC membership. Due February 1.  See website for details/application.

Wisconsin Professional Police Assoc. - Any Wisconsin resident enrolling in a college or vocational/technical school in a course of study leading to a two- or four-year degree in police science, criminal justice, or a law enforcement-related field – which does not include law school – is eligible. Deadline: February 1.  Details and Application

AFGAL (America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders) - administered by the National FFA Organization. Must plan to pursue a degree or certification in specific areas of agriculture or chemical/electrical/mechanical engineering.  Deadline Feb. 6, 2019.  Details and application

Marine Credit Union - must be a member of Marine Credit Union (establish a $5.00 savings account). Deadline: February 10, 2019. Details and Application

BBB Student of Integrity - Better Business Bureau scholarships are awarded for post-high school education at any Wisconsin-based accredited college beginning in the fall of 2019, including community colleges/technical colleges.  Deadline: February 14, 2019. Details and Application

Justice Group Solutions - available to all students.  Essay involved. Deadline: February 15, 2019. Details and application

Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association - available to any high school senior enrolled or planning to enroll in any university, technical college, community college in the United States, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course Program. Applications must be postmarked no later than February 18, 2019.  Details and application

Simon Youth Community Scholarships are available to high school seniors living near a Simon mall or in the surrounding communities. Due February 20, 2019.  Application Details

Pagel Graphic Arts - open to individuals who are attending school full time and pursuing some form of post-secondary education in the graphic communications industry. Deadline: February 28, 2019. Details and application


Agnesian Healthcare Volunteers - Open to a high school senior residing in Agnesian HealthCare Service area and must pursue a career in healthcare. Due March 8, 2019. See website for details

Fond du Lac Area Retired Educators' Association (FAREA) - Any High School Senior/or graduate from high school residing in Fond du Lac County or attending a school in Fond du Lac County can apply.  Applicants must plan to pursue a career in the educational field.   Deadline is March 1, 2019.  Details and Application

United Wisconsin Grain Producers LLC - must be associated with the UWGP and a high school graduating senior who will be furthering their education at any college or trade institution whether full or part-time student. Deadline: March 1, 2019.  Details and application

Wisconsin Alumni Assoc - (WAA) - open to students entering the UW-Madison for the first time. High school seniors and students transferring from UW-Fond du Lac are encouraged to apply. Due: March 15, 2018. Details and application

Waupun Memorial Hospital Volunteer Services/Gift Shop - Open to high school seniors and those continuing in an accredited Bachelor of Science Degree in any human health medical field. Due March 8, 2019. Details and application

Compeer Financial - Open to high school seniors who will major in an agriculture-related field and plan on attending any post-secondary school. Due: March 15, 2019. Details and application

Dodge County Master Gardener- open to high school senior who plans a career in some area of horticulture. Due March 20, 2018. Details and application

Dodge County 40 Et 8 Scholarship - Nursing scholarship - Due March 21. Directions and application

WIESA ( Wis. Electronic Security Assoc.) - open to any graduating senior whose parent is an active member of Wisconsin Fire or Police Department. Due: March 1, 2019. Details and application

Dodge County Area Retired Educators Assoc. (DC AREA) - must plan on teaching in K-12 area or plan to be the school librarian. Due March 26, 2018. Scholarship details and application can be found in the counseling office or download copy 

Rachel Bosveld - Scholarship of Honor - open to graduating senior going into a field in community service or public safety, including teaching, nursing, ministry, social work, fire safety, law enforcement, criminal justice, EMT, and any medical field. Students going into the military may also apply. Due date: March 30, 2019. Details and downloadable application (look at the top under Scholarship of Honor then Application) 

Fond du Lac Co Sheriff Benevolent Scholarship - Open to high school seniors who reside in FDL Co and will be attending college next year. Due March 30th. Details and application.

Dodge County Dairy Promotion Committee - open to anyone pursuing a degree in Agricultural related field in technical or 4-year college. Due March 31, 2019. Directions and application 


Fond du Lac Morning Rotary Club - Open to seniors who plan to attend Marian University, UW-Fond du Lac or MPTC (FDL Campus). Due April 1, 2018 Details and Application

Thomas H. Lutsey-Waseda Farms Scholarship - open to students pursuing agriculture degrees. Application opens on January 1 and has until April 1, 2019, to complete all application requirements. Details and online application

Fond du Lac Area Foundation Scholarships - many available - check to see how to qualify. Watch as deadline varies from March thru April for most. Details and applications

Zachary B Schulz Memorial - Open to students continuing their education at a technical college, preferably in a building or business trade, but all applications to a technical school will be considered. Due: April 1st. Application

Wings over Wisconsin - Waupun Chapter - Open to high school seniors who plan on attending any post-secondary school. Due April 1. Details and application.

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Post 6709 - Open to any high school senior who plans on attending any post-secondary school. Due April 2nd Application

Waupun Kiwanis - High School senior who plans on attending a 4-year college. Due: April 2, 2018. Application

Waupun Utilities (2 scholarships) one open to any student whose parent is a customer of Waupun Utilities and another if you plan on attending an Electrical Power Distribution program. Due dates for both is April 2nd. Details and applications 

Schmuhl Scholarship - open to high school seniors and current college students. Due - April 2, 2019. New Format - Details and application available only online - must follow all directions - 

Fox Lake Chamber of Commerce Scholarship - open to seniors who reside in Fox Lake zip code(53933) and are pursuing a business-related degree at 2-year or 4-year college/technical college. Due: April 5, 2019. Directions and Downloadable application

Taylor Lackey Memorial - Open to any senior who plans on attending any post-secondary school. Due: April 6, 2018. Application

Marjorie and Wilbur Quandt Scholarship - open to high school seniors with special consideration to students from Fox Lake Area. Must show financial need. Due: April 6, 2018. Application 

Gerald "Gus" Thompson Memorial - any senior planning on attending any post-secondary school. Due April 6, 2018. Application.

Scholarships, Inc. provides financial assistance and encouragement to local students as they explore higher education opportunities. Due: April 2, 2019.  Details and application.

Deprey-Skyline Family IT Scholarship - High school senior pursuing a major/field of study in Information Technology, Computer Science or related field. Due: April 2, 2019. Application

Robert Hendricks Memorial - open to high school senior attending any 4-year college. Due April 8, 2019. Application

Waupun Lions - Any senior who plans to attend any post-secondary school. Due April 9, 2018. Application

Wallace & Janet Lichtenberg Family Foundation Scholarship - Open to any senior or previous graduate planning on attending any technical college or nursing program at a technical college or 4-year college. Due April 10, 2018. 

Colleen Tenpas Memorial Scholarship - open to seniors and previous graduated of WAHS that are accepted and enrolled at a 4-year college with a declared nursing major. Due April 10, 2018. Application

Maureen Drummy Scholarship - Open to high school seniors who plan on becoming a teacher at any grade level 7th and above. Due April 13, 2018. Application

Stephenson Scholarship - must be a Fond du Lac County high school graduate (which includes WAHS) and be in an undergraduate program at a UW System campus. Due: April 13, 2018. Directions and online application

Waupun Area Athletic Booster Club -High School Senior Must have participated in high school athletics for 3 years and be attending any post-secondary school. Due: April 13, 2018. Application

WEA - Waupun Area Education Assoc. - Open to any senior planning on attending any post-secondary school. The first choice is a parent who is a member of WEA and/or going into the education field. The second choice can be any field. Due: April 13, 2018. Application

The Arc of Dodge County - open to High School Seniors or College students pursuing a career in Special Education. Due: April 15, 2019. Details and application

Richard & Marian Holmes Scholarship - Available to graduating seniors and past graduates of WAHS who will attend any post-secondary school. Preference is given to students continuing education in fields of nursing, medical or related fields. Due: April 17th. Application

Oris & Elaine Possin Science and Math Scholarship - Available to high school senior who is pursuing any science or math-related field. Due: April 15, 2019. Application

Waupun Gridiron Association - must have been involved with the Waupun Youth Football Program and plan to attend any post-secondary school. Due: April 17, 2018. Application.

American Legion Post 210 - must be a child, grandchild or great-grandchild of an American Legion Post 210 member. Due: April 20th. Application 

Waupun Education Foundation, Inc. - Open to any senior planning on attending any post-secondary school. Due April 12th. Application

Eastern Ridge Home Builders Assoc - open to high school seniors and those already enrolled in the formal higher education program may apply. Must be attending in one of the following related fields: Construction, Architecture, Building Trades (including Apprenticeship Programs), Engineering, Interior Design or other related fields of study relative to residential construction. Due April 20, 2018. Details and application 

Lucille M Vaughan Memorial Scholarship - Available to a high school senior planning on a career in a humanitarian area are and enrolled in a 4-year college. Due: April 20, 2019. Application

Fox Lake American Legion Auxiliary - must be a son, daughter or grandchild of a current Fox Lake American Legion Unit 521 Auxiliary member and a graduating High School Senior or College Student. Deadline: April 30th, 2019. Details and Application

Waupun Rotary Scholarships - technical college and 4-yr college. Due April 30th. Click on scholarship link to correct form to complete. Found on counseling page of high school website under scholarship forms.


Howard and Stella Kujath Memorial - Open to any senior planning on attending a 4-year college. Due April 23, 2018. Application 

Harold E. Adams Scholarship - open to resident of City or Town of Fox Lake. Due April 23, 2018. Application 

Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial - open to students enrolled as Art Major (includes Art Therapy Programs. Due April 24th. Application

Norman Krueger American Legion Memorial/In Faith Foundation - High school senior in FDL Co. that is child or grandchild of US Veteran. Due: April 30th. Details and Application

Michael Smits Memorial Scholarship - Open to high school seniors accepted to any post-secondary school pursuing a "service" related field. Due: May 3, 2018. Application

HBO Law - open to all first-year freshman who will be attending an accredited College/University during 2018-19 school year. Deadline for online application is May 31, 2019. See website for details

Wisconsin Towns Assoc. - Essay Scholarship open to high school seniors who play to enroll in any Wisconsin school of higher learning. Due: May 31, 2018. Details and Application


Abbott & Fenner Scholarship - The A&F Scholarships are available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post-secondary institution. Essay required. Due June 14, 2019. Details and application

Big Sun Scholarship - open to all high school senior student-athletes. Essay due: June 19, 2019. See website for details:

Ab Nicholas Scholarship Foundation - Must have participated in high school's boys or girls basketball program during your senior year. Due June 2019. Details and application

Sterling Law Offices - open to any senior enrolling in two or four-year college.. Details and online application found: http://www.sterlinglawyers.com/scholarship/

ZipRecruiter - Essay contest open to anyone attending a school of higher learning. See website for due dates. Details and application

August or Various Deadlines

Moraine Park Technical College - Promise Program - Contact Erin Wierenga at 920-924-3204 or see website for details.

Varsity Tutors Scholarship Contest - monthly winners (essay) - Website: http://www.varsitytutors.com/college-scholarship

Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS - online sweepstakes with random drawings held through promotion period of October thru May. Information and rules found on website:https://wellsfargo.com/collegesteps

American Legion - Dept. of WI - numerous scholarships with various deadlines (March - June), check website: http://www.wilegion.org/page/content/programs/scholarships-and-awards

American Legion Auxiliary (WI) - Must be relative of a veteran, show financial need, be a WI resident, GPA of 3.5 or higher. Check applications for due dates.  Online directions and application

Skin Care OX - Beauty + Wellness Scholarship - open to any graduating senior or current college female student. Quarterly Deadlines: January 1, March 31, June 30 and September 30 every year. Details and application found at: https://www.skincareox.com/scholarship/

OppU Achievers Scholarship- Open to any student. Must submit a short essay through the portal on the scholarship page of website.  Deadlines on September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30. 

Universities or Colleges - check their websites