Parent Preparation for an IEP Meeting

– Handout which provides suggestions on how parents can proactively prepare for an IEP meeting.

WSPEI’s Webpage about IEPs - Tips and tools to facilitate parent and educator communication at IEP meetings; includes a helpful form for parents/student/teacher called the Positive Student Profile(en espanol)

Accommodations and Supports - Accommodations are practices and procedures that provide equitable access to grade-level content. Accommodations are intended to reduce or eliminate the effects of a student’s disability or level of language acquisition; they do not reduce learning expectations. The accommodations provided to a student must be consistent for classroom instruction, classroom assessments, and district and state assessments.

The Difference between Accommodations, Modifications, and Interventions

Wisconsin 2011 Act 125 Seclusion and Restraint

The Act permits the use of seclusion and or physical restraint only when a student’s behavior presents a clear, present and imminent risk to the physical safety of the student or others and it is the least restrictive intervention feasible.

DPI Frequently Asked Questions