Alumni Spotlight
Alumni Spotlight
Doug Disch
Friday, March 29, 2019

Alumni Spotlight-Jordan Hopp-Civil Engineer at Gremmer & Associates, Inc.

Where did you continue your education after graduating from WAHS?

"I have a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from UW Madison."

Why did you choose Civil Engineering?

"I knew I wanted to go into engineering since early on in high school because I liked math and science.  I chose Civil Engineering during my 2nd year of college because roads/transportation stood out in my general engineering courses."

Was there a WAHS teacher that influenced your career choice?

“Cody Mueller, Mrs. McDowell, and Mrs. Tierney had an impact because they kept their classes laid back and interesting while still preparing me for college math/science courses.”

Any advice/recommendations for students interested in this career?

“Look for internships early in your college career.  The more experience you can get in the field the easier your future course material will be to understand and you’ll have more job opportunities after graduation.  Employer’s look more at experience than at your GPA.”

Can you tell us a little bit about working on projects in your hometown of Waupun?

“Working in my hometown is always a plus because I get to see firsthand the difference our projects make.  On other projects I have worked on, once they are complete I rarely get back to the area to actually use the roads. I have lived in Waupun my whole life, so it’s also nice to work with some of the City employees that I have known since I was a kid.”

Finally, can you tell us about the Madison Street project?

“The Madison Street project is a full reconstruct from Lincoln Street to the Rock River needed because of the deteriorating pavement and the aging underground systems. It includes replacing the sanitary sewer, water, storm sewer, sidewalk,  and curb & gutter. The new roadway will be concrete pavement. The project will begin on April 1 and the scheduled completion date is November 22, 2019.”